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Note: Before you bust down your calendar to start out counting each just use the 100 day calculator on Naver day!

6. Holding Bags

Most of the time, most males are actually more powerful than their girlfriends, and several females have actually big bags high in instead undefinable “stuff.” Plus in Korea, these basic truths are practicalities. Whenever getting together with girlfriends, numerous Korean guys will offer you to keep their girlfriend’s bag that is big of secrets to truly save aching arms across the peninsula. There are not any worries of looking strange whenever holding a case with pink and frills; in Korea, it is typical training for males to keep the girliest of bags. If you’re some guy, dozens of one-armed exercises you did once you were solitary might be useful ;).

7. Less Sleepovers

Ain’t nothing beats spooning the evening away within the comfort of your personal sleep. But than you’re used to, as it’s more common for unmarried people to live with their parents if you’re in Korea, you might have way less spooning sessions. As well as if for example the parents are completely liberal utilizing the entire notion of their young ones having… relations… when you look at the space across the street, almost all Korean moms and dads aren’t cool along with it. Weiterlesen

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