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First Impressions Make an improvement by James Stanfield Business

Hygiene and Personal Care

A four-module video clip show that addresses male and female showering, hygiene, grooming, gown and mindset making use of humor and exaggeration. Modules are available individually or as a package.

Caring for Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty and private Curriculum for young adults with Autism by bbpeoplemeet Mary Wrobel

This guide is actually a social tales curriculum for teaching about body modifications, appropriate behavior that is sexual encouraging self-reliance with hygiene and self care. Great tips for producing training tools Boardmaker that is using and This image sign programs.


Finger guidelines: Teaching Women with Disabilities About Masturbation Through Understanding and Video by David Hingsburger and Sandra Haar

a movie and training system for adult females with developmental disabilities that models safe and appropriate masturbation.

Handmade enjoy: helpful information for Teaching About Male Masturbation Through Learning and movie by David Hingsburger

a movie and training system for adult men with developmental disabilities that models safe and appropriate masturbation.

Puberty & Body Modifications

A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up: Choices and alterations in the Tween Years by Terri Couwenhoven MS

This guide, created designed for girls with developmental disabilities of most sorts, shares information regarding real and changes that are emotional accompany puberty, menstruation and pad usage, and exploitation avoidance methods. Text is created at a third grade reading levels and plenty of images help comprehension for concrete learners.

Girl’s Guide to Growing Up

This Marsh news training kit made for students with mild to moderate disabilities includes teaching guide and packets of 10 pupil booklets. The material that is instructional arranged in chapter structure, allowing for lesson breaks, instructional focus and modification. Weiterlesen

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