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Whatever occurred to ‚The guy with all the Golden Voice? ‚

For a brief minute in 2011, Ted Williams captivated America as „the person Using The Golden Voice. “ After a video clip featuring the man that is once-homeless smooth, radio-friendly sound quickly went viral online, people simply could not get an adequate amount of him. Williams quickly gained fame as more reports popped up about him, developing a real-life rags-to-riches tale as Williams proceeded to state goodbye to your roads and hello for some really lucrative gigs. Regrettably, nonetheless, their increase to your top was not without some major steps backwards, since the previous drug-addicted Ohio resident had some difficulty handling his newfound celebrity status.

Therefore, precisely what occurred to Williams after his life tale went viral? Things have actually changed for Williams since he gained recognition that is nationwide. Continue reading to learn precisely what transpired following Williams‘ big break.

The ‚golden sound‘ goes viral

Let us recap: Williams‘ instantly fame goes to the video clip, published by The Columbus Dispatch last year. Weiterlesen

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