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If you’ve ever wished to imagine yourself more youthful or older — or an unusual gender — this brand new selfie application might help

FaceApp may even turn that frown upside down.

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    Here’s exactly what FaceApp founder Yaroslav Goncharov seems like as transformed by their own software. Yaroslav Goncharov

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    Uncovering and explaining how our world that is digital is — and changing us.

    Moving from a single gender role to some other is a long, time intensive process. Believe me, I Understand.

    But realistically changing genders in an image happens to be a snap, because of a new, free iPhone App. And FaceApp can also be advantageous to seeing everything you may seem like older or younger, too.

    As someone who is commonly within the gender-wise that is middle I became wondering exactly what the app would do whenever I clicked in the “male” and “female” buttons. Weiterlesen

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