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Shower Intercourse really Doesn’t Have To Suck, Many thanks to 5 recommendations from the Sexologist

F or the timeframe of my intimately active life, I’ve thought that bath sex completely and totally sucks. It’s the intercourse exact carbon copy of a consolation award or involvement trophy; it is one thing you are doing if you’re sweaty and don’t need to get the sheets dirty, or you’re menstruating and…well, don’t would like to get the sheets dirty; it is what follows in virtually any intimate situation once you might state “Ugh, fine.” The only reason straight-up period sex has a leg up over shower sex is because at least with the former, you go in already feeling disappointed, and usually end up pleasantly surprised in my book. Shower intercourse is the contrary: You get you almost slip and crack your head open on a sink into it thinking it’ll be lovely, and then.

But can it be that I’m the problem rather than shower intercourse it self? Weiterlesen

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