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Abel Villareal. He had been the biological son to Max Villareal and Elsa Bjergsen and step-son to Emma Villareal.

He lived within the Villareal Mansion together with sibling Lilith, her son Samuel Blaze, Lilith’s spouse, Jaime Street, and his child, Phoenix. Abel’s title means ’breath’ in Hebrew.

Abel has hair that is black a yellowish complexion, and contains the Villareal pink eyes. He has their ears pierced, in which he possesses Phoenix tattoo on their shoulders, an expression of their love for the name to his daughter of Phoenix. Despite a fight together with his PTSD in the most common of their life, he mostly been able to keep it in order.

Abel was [and is still] one of Clare’s favorite sims and was/is overall probably the most popular sims in the show. Together with his PTSD, Abel had other problems in life, such as for instance dropping in love. Their relationships and crashes usually ended in heartbreak, aside from their relationship with Holly Spicer, Abel’s soulmate, and neighbor. Certainly one of Abel’s numerous battles ended up being which he ended up being obligated to raise their child Phoenix by himself after her mom Ashley left them both and did not look after increasing Phoenix.

Abel, nevertheless, been able to raise Phoenix by using relatives and buddies and was extremely near to his relative, Connor.

The 2 males had been close friends since youth and despite drifting aside for their family members everyday lives, they were able to carry on their relationship also through rough times.

Despite perhaps not being great during the love game, Abel had been a caring daddy and would do though she didn’t have a stable family life whatever he could to give Phoenix a happy childhood, even. Abel will be overprotective of Phoenix also right through to her adulthood and would like to spend the maximum amount of time along with her that you can; this is the way it is even if Phoenix experienced a teenage period of maybe perhaps perhaps not feeling the in an identical way. Weiterlesen

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