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Occupy Wall Street Is Giving Individuals Some Shady Financial Guidance

In the current complex realm of individual finance, there is no concern customers could take advantage of a small clarity.

Simply don’t be prepared to find any into the pages of Occupy Wall Street’s brand new manifesto on unsecured debt.

„The Debt Resistor’s Operations handbook“ is 122 pages of some of the dodgiest advice that is financial’ve ever seen. It really is not surprising the thing that is entire posted at no cost and compiled by „an anonymous collective“ of contributors.

Their objective is admirable –– an excellent part of the advice is demonstrably written with care and knowledge of our muddled economic climate –– however some of those schemes are incredibly fool-hardy we’re able ton’t assist but call them away.

Lie regarding your identification to have service that is free the ER

Benefiting from the known proven fact that crisis spaces are banned from turning away patients even in the event they don’t really have insurance, OWS encourages customers to upright lie to dodge bills after therapy.

„Stories of lying about identity to prevent crisis room bills have already been reported to us confidentially,“ they compose.

„You could think about changing your determining information so they really cannot monitor you right down to bill you, but usage extreme caution in order to avoid getting caught.“

Make use of the media to have unwelcome bills erased

OWS protestors probably understand how to leverage media attention a lot better than someone else, and they are moving on that knowledge to customers. Weiterlesen

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