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Other people may show their homosexuality within an exaggerated and manner that is stereotyped.

The stigma homosexuality that is surrounding to the identification confusion by discouraging adolescents from talking about their growing emotions and tasks with either peers or their own families. The idea they could be homosexual frequently creates consternation that is considerable guilt, and privacy. Insufficient available information and knowledge that is accurate homosexuality and a paucity of familiar part models also play a role in identification confusion. This phase of which homosexual and lesbian adolescents, and people who’re questioning their orientation that is sexual especially vulnerable can be one when they’re frequently specially ready to accept approaches by supportive adults (e.g., teachers, school nurses, doctors) who is able to help and advise them.

Adolescents whom accept the likelihood or perhaps the recognition that they’re homosexual are poised to enter effectively in to the next phase of identification development, dedication.


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