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Savage Prefer. As you can plainly see by my signature, Dan, i am a linguist.

Cum Once More

in your podcast you often ask scientists „whatchyougot“ on all sorts of sex- and questions that are romance-related we thought perchance you’d want to consider some expertise on linguistic things too. And I also possess some on „cum,“ „cumming,“ and (shudder) „cummed.“

The term that is technical utilized among linguists because of this sorts of sensation is „peeve.“ I would ike to simplify, it isn’t the „cum,“ „cumming,“ and „cummed” that is a peeve however the shuddering. The truth is, the snide noise there clearly was as a result of known proven fact that causes peevers to shudder reasons linguists to obtain interested. The overriding point is language constantly changes, and linguists have an interest in these modifications nevertheless much they horrify normal individuals. (that is our term that is technical for.) Grand-parents are forever lamenting exactly how their grandchildren’s generation is destroying the language. Documentation for this event dates back towards the Roman times. As well as generations upon generations of grandchildren switched Latin into Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan and host of less popular kinds of ruination. Weiterlesen

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