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Holo Hookup: 2019 february

Hello lovely nail geeks! I have the honor to be a visitor writer this for the epic February Holo Hookup box month! This theme that is month’s Gothic Romance (yaasss) together with visitor manufacturer is Baroness X! This is certainly such an epic package and holy hell does it channel most of the February vibes! Let’s arrive at swatches!

Cupcake Polish

Lament- a cool toned purple linear holographic nail enamel with a powerful red to gold shifting aurora shimmer.

Swatches reveal two coats with topcoat. Formula has an excellent rich, buttery feel during application and flirts with being a single coater. I might describe the beds base as a rigorous purple with a small undertone that is blurple. The shimmer is strong and gives a bright fuschia radiance overall with a gold shift on tilt. No texture after topcoat.

Various Measurement

Twisted Fantasy- a grey creme based linear holographic polish with added color shifting flakies and aurora shimmers.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. megahookup mobile Formula feels as though a creme on application and is applicable really creamy. We can’t actually see needing that is many get past two normal coats in my experience. The bottom is really what i might give consideration to an awesome toned grey and the shimmer provides a purple radiance overall and also the flakes show an array of pastel colors. They’re being bashful in my swatches however in person they’re there and provide a lovely densely spread iridescent effect. No texture after topcoat.

Glisten & Glow

Black & Dangerous- a blackened purple linear holo with platinum flakes. Weiterlesen

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