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Watch out for Peter Bowen from Alpharetta GA-grew up in Spain includes a 3 yr old daughter-Lilian. He could be in Nicaragua on business-self used contractor and it is a scammer!!

Got hurt while involved in Nicaragua and desired $ to fund net connection. He didn’t get me though-but another nearly did…..

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Wayne Zambruther from Bangor Pa-same tale being a few above-just relocated right here from CA-wife and parents passed away in a vehicle accident a couple of years ago-has a 6year son-Paulo that is old. “Wayne” has just experienced PA for per week, it is in FL on business searching for “arts” to open up his or her own Gallery-had to get out of to visit the Phillipines to have the arts he desired for their gallery—scum case! Oh-and he composed hmmm i c all of the time-weirdo’s!! It’s a pity that good people have sucked into this crap then give up the online dating-sad. Best of luck to you all around!

Watch out for Lwilliamson89 on Yahoo Personals. The initial two emails were published by some body that knew just how to compose english. All subsequest emails had been high in sweet stuff that is romantic very nearly made me gag. We questioned a lot of things that didn’t add up and he never ever addressed them. Yes, he had been a widower along with a 6 old named tess year. We examined this and he took down his profile morning. Out of the blue he had to visit Nigeria to see their ill daddy. We knew right from the start he ended up being a scammer. I suppose he identified I became on to him. Pastyies, please don’t send hardly any money! He could be a scammer. Report him to Yahoo! might not do any worthwhile but do so anyhow.

Hey all that you ladies…I aswell recieved a lot of email messages form a 42 beautiful man form Wisconsin with a 8 yeard old daugheter..his dad ended up being ill went along to Nigera become together with his ill dad…wife past away..has expected for NOTHING yet!! anybody would you like to share pictures for this loser?? jetcitywoman22@yahoo.com


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