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Interactivity in Online Chat: Conversational Contingency and reaction Latency in Computer-mediated Communication


Individuals finished a wide range of founded scales after viewing their stimuli that are respective. The scales measured individuals’ attraction toward the consumer solution representative (Ro), the chat to their satisfaction, and their perception for the organization’s investment in relationships with clients. All products had been measured on seven-interval scales anchored by highly disagree (1) to strongly concur (7).

Interpersonal attraction

McCroskey and McCain identified three measurements of social attraction, including task attraction and social attraction (in addition to real attraction, which can be perhaps perhaps not strongly related the current research). Individuals finished measures of task and attraction that is social the client solution representative. Task attraction steps the aspire to work with an activity as well as another person. Three from the initial six Likert scale supplied optimal dependability, including “You could depend on her having the task done,” “I have faith in her capacity to obtain the task done,” and “If we wanted to have things done, i really could most likely depend on her”; Cronbach’s α = .96. personal attraction may be the wish to have relationship with another person. The 3 products creating enough dependability with this measure include “I think she could possibly be a pal of mine,” “I wish to have an amiable talk to her,” and “She could be pleasant to be with”; α = .88. 2


Flavián, Guinalíu, and Gurrea’s three-item scale assesses satisfaction with an online site. Weiterlesen

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