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Like Dorothy within the Wizard of Oz, Kenneth experienced a road that is long of him on their seek out responses

These days in straight guy fantasy tasks: Kenneth Play, a self-described “sex hacker” who gets compensated to look at partners have sexual intercourse. He has got a PornHub station, KennethPlay, where he demos the fingering that is best and G-spot stimulation practices with porn star Riley Reyes. He’s got the human body of the superhero, all muscle mass with no fat. He’s a celebrated expert on squirting, he co-founded a neighborhood that tosses a few of the sex parties that are best in the usa, and he’s bedded over 400 females and counting. He helps make the world—especially the bedroom—a better location for everybody else.

A intercourse hacker, Kenneth states, discovers easy, replicable tips that boost confidence that is sexual boost closeness between lovers, and include even more enjoyment to intercourse. A hack for how exactly to have better intercourse may be a device, such as for instance a adult toy, or perhaps a hack are a method, in other words. Weiterlesen

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