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Do you know what our company is certainly not just a safety guards, baby-sitter as public employees, we have been libraries.

I am hoping our Board out of Trustees discovers starting their blunders. And I also pray your Washington sets his or her base straight straight down as well as does not assist Ginnie Cooper inside disrespect you would like this girl did Brooklyn.

Published by just: quickly to be per former BPLer | June 30, 2006 5:37

I’d really always such as point out your many years ago, definitely not extended immediately after Sept. Eleven there is a event in your branch collection once a client expected staff that is reference questions regarding Pres. Bush’s parade path (he had been New York that is visiting).

The employees were stressed to named safety whom and then named the authorities. The in-patient had been arrested then taken set for the questioning to afterwards circulated. Ginnie ended up being disturb relating to this as well as soon after created Intellectual Freedom knowledge the staff that is entire.

On the list of things covered ended up being general public computer systems plus pornography that is accessing. Most of us had been disrupted through that the result: BPL instructed people to permit clients to get into pornography; in accordance with consumers it had been his or her intellectual appropriate.

We were told to discourage it but that we shouldn’t actually tell them they couldn’t access it via the internet when we asked about children accessing pornography. That has been besides (with their thought processes) his or her appropriate, although these people were underage. Since that time computers that are library become filtered however it is nevertheless perhaps not impractical to do pornography. Weiterlesen

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